Slimline Aluminum Windows

UK Superfold For Trade’s team are trusted suppliers and installers of slimline aluminium windows. As part of the Chigwell Group, our windows are available nationwide for a delivery fee. As well as being a great choice for contemporary properties, slimline aluminium windows are perfect for maintaining the character of traditional or period properties. Start a quote or contact us to find out more.

Key Features

Ultra Slim Sightlines

With their signature slim profiles and sightlines, our slimline aluminium windows feature the elegant aesthetic typically associated with traditional steel windows. Users can enjoy unimpeded sightlines with these windows.

Heritage Design

The Smart Alitherm Heritage profile is ideal for projects that include conservation or listed properties. Designed to meet the requirements of refurbishment and renewal projects, they will ensure seamless integration.

Increased Lifespan

Unlike steel, aluminium is not prone to rust or rot, meaning these windows provide excellent longevity. With the longest lifespan of any window framing material, aluminium can last indefinitely.

Low Maintenance

These slimline aluminium windows require very little maintenance throughout their lifespan. A routine ‘wipe clean’ should be all that is needed to keep them looking as pristine as the day they were installed.

Excellent Security

With a high security multi point locking system, these slimline aluminium windows offer extra peace of mind for end users. The casement and fixed configurations are also security tested to PAS 24 standards.

Customisable Options

Make these slimline aluminium windows blend in or stand out with a choice of standard and non standard colour options. There are also heritage and art deco hardware options available for ultimate customisation.

Product Information

Thermal Efficiency

Using a polyamide thermal break, these slimline aluminium windows act as an excellent insulator against heat loss. By effectively trapping and retaining heat, they help to reduce dependency on central heating. As well as potentially saving on energy bills, the polyamide in the windows raises the internal temperature to reduce the risk of condensation.

Flexible Configurations

The slimline aluminium windows we offer are available in many different formats for customers to choose from. These include tilt and turn, fixed pane, sash, top hung, side hung, casement, and pivot. Whichever style is best suited to the project, UK Superfold For Trade will ensure only the best quality for our customers.

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Steel Alternative

Using the Alitherm Heritage profile from Smart, these windows offer a more convenient and effective alternative to steel windows. While steel windows are cumbersome and susceptible to denting and rusting, our aluminium slimline windows are able to closely replicate the aesthetic of steel windows without any of the drawbacks.

What We Do

At UK Superfold For Trade, we aim to supply and install premium aluminium products to homeowners and trade customers alike. Our short lead times and commitment to outstanding customer service makes us an ideal choice for any project. From windows to doors to roofs, we provide nothing less than the best for our customers. Our state-of-the-art range of aluminium products are available for supply-only projects nationwide for a delivery fee. Request a quote from us today.


In almost every way, yes. While uPVC has certain benefits, aluminium is an extremely durable material with a considerably longer lifespan. Aluminium frames are commonly known to last upwards of 50 years or more, whereas uPVC windows typically start to degrade and show signs of wear and tear after 30 years.

UK Superfold For Trade are a proud member of the Chigwell Group, which is why we believe in getting it right the first time by finding the perfect fit for each project. In order to do this, we encourage trade customers and homeowners alike to request a quote from us to give a clear idea of what the project will require. The information provided will allow us to create a clear and honest quote. Start a quote today or get in touch with us to discuss a project in further detail.
As well as slimline aluminium windows, we also offer stunning aluminium windows for both residential and commercial properties. At UK Superfold For Trade, our range of superior products extends to roof lanternsframeless roof lanternsflat rooflights and a selection of premium doors. This includes slide & swing doorsbifold doorsslimline bifold doorsSmart Designer Doors, aluminium front doors and aluminium sliding doors. To discuss your future project in more detail, get in touch with us today.

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