Ultion SMART Lock

Here at UK Superfold For Trade, we are proud to offer customers the revolutionary Ultion SMART lock. Compatible with our aluminium doors, Ultion SMART is the perfect upgrade choice for any front door.  

Ultion SMART and all our products are available nationwide for a delivery fee. Contact us to find out more and see what UK Superfold can do for you.


Key Features

Voice Control

As well as being able to control Ultion SMART from a handy app, users can also operate the lock with voice control via Alexa and Siri. During Alexa setup, users are prompted to set up a passcode to prevent unwanted use.

Easy Access

If users find themselves away from home and need to let someone in, they need not worry. With the touch of a few buttons, it’s possible to send a digital guest key to someone for timed or permanent access via text or email.

Stylish Design

With a Sweet handle, any door can be both stylish and secure. Undergoing rigorous weatherproof testing, the award winning edgeless design is available in five exterior colours with no unsightly electronics. With a Sweet handle, any door can be both stylish and secure. Undergoing rigorous weatherproof testing, the award winning edgeless design is available in five exterior colours with no unsightly electronics.

Effortless Installation

Ultion SMART’s simple yet effective design means that it can be installed in minutes without any drilling required. Changing the batteries is also an extremely easy and hassle free process.

Useful Accessories

The wireless keypad option connects to the lock via Bluetooth and offers the convenience of a keypad without a control panel. A remote access bridge is also available for remote control.

User Friendly

Any permitted user can easily control the lock from a free and easy to use mobile app. Ultion SMART also comes with three high security keys in case manual locking or unlocking is required.

Product Information

The Future of Security

The Ultion SMART locking system has revolutionised the industry with its incredible innovation and clever design. Offering twenty points of drill protection, hands free usage and secure remote access, Ultion SMART provides nothing less than the best in home safeguarding and security. Top quality comes as standard with Ultion.

Ultimate Ease

With a user friendly interface and hands free operation, Ultion SMART provides a virtually effortless experience. The customisable auto lock feature means that worrying about locking the door is no longer a problem. An auto unlock feature allows users to define an activation radius, meaning a mobile phone is the only key needed.

Customisable Settings

With the Ultion SMART locking system, every detail can be customised to suit user preferences. Everything can be controlled at the touch of a button on the free mobile app, from the lock timings to auto unlock proximity ranges and even additional accessories—a seamless addition to any of our aluminium doors.

What We Do

UK Superfold For Trade is committed to supplying and installing premium aluminium products to homeowners and trade customers alike. We work tirelessly to ensure complete satisfaction with our commitment to short lead times and outstanding customer service. Whether a project requires windowsdoors or roofs, we provide only the best quality.

Our extensive range of products is available for supply only projects nationwide for a delivery fee. To upgrade your project with Ultion SMART, contact us today to find out more.


All our doors are compatible with Ultion SMART. The locking system uses sizes common to UK doors with both 211mm and 122mm distance between fixings and a 92mm distance between the handle and keyhole centre. The escutcheon model can also be used for doors that don’t have a combined ‘lever and barrel’ handle.

The batteries typically last for about 9000 cycles or 1.5 years of usage. Once they start to run low, the system will send a mobile notification and display a red light on the handle. Even if the batteries run out of power completely, the Ultion SMART can also function as a mechanical lock, able to be operated with a key from the outside and the dial on the inside. Users won’t have to worry about constantly changing batteries with Ultion SMART.
With Ultion SMART, being locked in or out is never a concern. The system operates via Bluetooth and battery power, meaning the door can be controlled within the property using the wireless keypad, a physical key or even a mobile phone. It is only remote connections that are reliant on the internet and power that could be affected in this situation. Users also won’t need to worry about their Ultion SMART being hacked. Like everything with Ultion SMART, the locking system only operates via Bluetooth, not the internet, so it is completely safe from hacking.

As well as decades of industry experience between our team and our technical installation background, UK Superfold For Trade possesses a true specialist nature when it comes to premium aluminium home improvements. As a member of the Chigwell Group, our ethos is getting it right the first time, ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their project.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service has resulted in a high volume of repeat custom and long term customers who trust us to provide a smooth and hassle free process. We work with trade customers and homeowners alike, providing short lead times and reliable service for ultimate satisfaction.

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