Flat Roofs

Here at UK Superfold For Trade, we professionally supply and install exceptional flat rooflights. We are part of the wider Chigwell Group and our flat rooflights are available nationwide.

We strive to offer nothing less than the best by using the unrivalled flat rooflight designs from Titan. Start a quote with us today or get in touch for more information.

Key Features

Contemporary Aesthetic

The innovative design of these flat rooflights is presented alongside an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. Available in Grey and Black, their sleek profile is sure to enhance any property.

Acoustic Insulation

As well as being shatterproof, the inbuilt laminated glass doesn’t just keep out intruders but noise as well. Our flat rooflights provide excellent noise reduction to keep properties secure from unwanted disturbances.

Low Maintenance

The solar reflective toughened glass used in our flat rooflights is extremely low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain performance. An occasional clean should be all that is needed to keep it pristine.

Simple Installation

Alongside the benefit of having no additional trims or accessories, our flat rooflights arrive on site in one piece with fixing straps already attached. Our flat rooflights are designed for ultimate ease, including installation.

Optimal Safety

The fitted glass is laminated on the inside pane to provide only the best security. A plastic layer between the two glass pieces means that the interior laminated glass will hold together should the glass break.

Outstanding Quality

Flat rooflights permit the maximum amount of light inside without the hindrance of perimeter sealants and protruding frames. Laminated glass also offers a 98% reduction in UV rays to prevent sun bleaching.

Product Information

Inbuilt Security

With the inbuilt shatterproof laminated security glass on the inner panel, security comes as standard with our flat rooflights. Whether intended for commercial or residential use, property owners can rest assured that unwanted intruders will be kept at bay with the highly secure safety measures of these flat rooflights.

Thermal Performance

Our flat rooflights can simultaneously maximise the amount of light entering the property whilst maintaining an ambient room temperature. With solar reflective glass fitted outside and low emission laminated glass affixed inside, the thermally broken aluminium frame will provide all year comfort and typical U-values as low as 1.3 W/m

Innovative Design

The unique edge to edge glass exterior of our flat rooflights provides a host of benefits to any property. The carefully refined design allows water to effortlessly glide off its surface without any hindrance from perimeter sealants or protruding frames. Standing only 63mm above the roof upstand, these flat rooflights can blend in seamlessly.

What We Do

UK Superfold For Trade specialises in supplying and installing premium quality aluminium products to residential and commercial customers. Our true specialist nature and commitment to excellent service and short lead times make us the perfect choice for any project. We provide only the best for our customers, from roofs to windows to doors.

We are part of the wider Chigwell Group and all our products are available for supply-only projects nationwide for a delivery fee. Request a quote today or get in touch with us for more information.


Yes, they are. The flat rooflights we offer are designed to house laminated security glass that is included as standard. The shatterproof glass ensures no access is available to intruders, allowing for optimum safety and peace of mind to homeowners and trade customers alike.

At UK Superfold For Trade, we proudly offer a wide selection of premium aluminium products. As well as flat rooflights, our range includes products such as roof lanternsframeless roof lanternsaluminium windows and slimline aluminium windows. We also offer a selection of premium doors, including slide & swing doorsbifold doorsslimline bifold doorsSmart Designer Doorsaluminium front doors and aluminium sliding doors.
UK Superfold For Trade are a proud member of the Chigwell Group and believe in finding the perfect fit for each project and getting it right the first time. In order to fulfil this, we encourage our customers to request a quote to give us a helpful idea of what the project requires. The information provided will allow us create an honest and transparent quote without any stress or hassle. To find out more, contact our expert team today.
Yes, we do. As well as flat rooflights, our customers can choose between the classic elegance of traditional roof lanterns or the contemporary style of pyramid roof lanterns. Each offers a vast range of benefits to enhance any property. If you would like to find out more, contact us today for more information.

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