Slimline Bifold Doors

At UK Superfold For Trade, we are trusted suppliers and installers of superior slimline bifold doors. We are part of the wider Chigwell Group and supply our slimline bifold doors nationwide.

These slimline bifold doors offer a perfect combination of strength and performance with their outstanding features and benefits. Start a quote today or contact us to find out more.

Key Features

Uninterrupted Views

Our slimline bifold doors are perfect for allowing natural light into any property where large opening apertures are required. The system itself is designed to maximise light and space to permit unimpeded views.

Maximise Space

The design of these slimline bifold doors means that the multiple door leaves concertina to the side of the aperture. This innovation makes them ideal for small spaces, allowing the existing space to be fully utilised.

Thermal Efficiency

Combining strength and performance, our slimline bifold doors feature a polyamide thermal break to enhance the system’s thermal efficiency. Using a 1.0 centre pane, these doors can achieve a U-value of 1.5 W/m2K.

Weather Resistance

These doors also come with the option of rebated thresholds to offer improved weather resistance. They also come equipped with high quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes to defend against the harsh elements.

Stunning Designs

We ensure only the best quality and performance with the Visofold 6000 profile from Smart. With its exceptionally slim profile, the Visofold 6000 offers a sleek, elegant solution for residential and commercial settings.

Ease of Access

Being fully compliant with Building Regulations Document L 2010, these doors have the option to be fitted with recessed thresholds  for unimpeded access. Make any property more accessible with slimline bifold doors.

Product Information

Customised Designs

Every aspect of our slimline bifold door’s appearance can be customised to suit any commercial or residential property. It’s easy to create the perfect finish with an unrivalled range of colours and accessories. Our slimline bifold doors can easily blend in or stand out whether intended for a traditional cottage or a modern apartment.

Superior Safeguarding

As well as being a stunning addition to any property, our slimline bifold doors also offer excellent security and safeguarding. The high security glazing and robust locking mechanisms allow for ultimate peace of mind. These slimline bifold doors have multi point locks on the main opening sashes, as well as shoot bolts on the floating mullions.

Easy Operation

Our slimline bifold doors highly versatile design and easy to operate system make them the perfect choice for even the largest residential or commercial project. With the sashes hung from a floating mullion, they slide on a recessed bottom roller and top guide, allowing for ultra slim profiles, user friendly operation and reassuring security.

What We Do

Superfold Aluminium Bifold Doors prices
UK Superfold For Trade are specialists in supplying and installing premium aluminium products. Our team has decades of experience and are dedicated to finding the right fit for every project. Whether a project requires slide & swing doorsaluminium windows or frameless roof lanterns, we offer only the best to choose from. Here at UK Superfold For Trade, we are part of the wider Chigwell Group and supply all our products nationwide for a delivery fee. Start a quote today or contact us to find out more.


As well as the high security glazing installed as standard, the recessed bottom roller and top guide allows for robust security and safeguarding measures. Our slimline bifold doors are also compatible with the Ultion SMART lock for ultimate peace of mind if extra security is required. Discover the benefits of Ultion today.

We offer an extensive range of doors, windows and roofs alongside our slimline bifold doors. Our doors collection offers: As well as doors, we also provide aluminium windowsslimline aluminium windowsroof lanternsframeless roof lanterns and flat rooflights.
As part of the Chigwell Group, we believe in getting it right the first time, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your project. As a result, we encourage our customers to start a quote with us to give us the best idea of what your project needs. Your information will allow us to provide you with a fair and honest quote without stress or hassle. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.

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