Here at UK Superfold, we supply Ezifold Bifold Doors to traders and builders. These doors come with their own benefits, but what are they, and why should you consider them for your customers’ home or residential property? We have over two decades of experience installing these bifold doors, so read on to find out more. 

A bifold door is made up of two leaves that fold out like a concertina. This will benefit your customer because they will let in natural light into your customers’ residential or commercial property.  The doors create a wide opening that brings in plenty of fresh air and ventilation to your customers’ property. What’s more, they will connect seamlessly between the indoor and outdoor space, which is perfect for socialising. The doors glide seamlessly on a track, so they don’t have to be slid up and closed.  

The Ezifold bifold door is ideal for your customers’ home because we use the Cortizo aluminium profile. This is meticulously created to allow the doors to be easily installed, allowing you to continue with your day’s work.

 The doors are affordable, saving you plenty of money. Your Ezifold bifold doors are thermally efficient because we only use premium grade double glazing, resulting in a warmer residential or commercial property.

The bifold doors are easy to maintain and weatherproof, so they don’t rust, warp, or fade in tough conditions. This is a useful selling point because all your customer needs to do is wipe the door with a damp cloth, which will look immaculate. 

Another unique selling point about the Ezifold bifold door is that your customer has a choice of over 200 RAL colours, ensuring that we have something that is right for everyone. The doors also come in various finishes and hardware options for your customers to consider. The doors are bolstered by a 25 year guarantee that ensures they are built to last for a long time, while the colours themselves are very low maintenance. This will give your customer confidence that our products are built to last for a very long time.

Your customer can choose from a wide selection of finishes, including dual colour to add personality to their home and a selection of colour powdered coating (ranging from RAL, mottled, and rough). They even have a choice of a woodgrain finish, giving the door a natural look and blending in seamlessly with their property.

If your customer is looking for outstanding panoramic views of their garden, then an Ezifold bifold door is a perfect choice. This is because the bottom frame on the door is hidden in the floor with a flat threshold. Wheelchairs and prams will find it much easier to enter and exit the door, giving your customer more accessibility options.

The bifold doors also incorporate  a state of the art design because they are tailored to each project. We understand that every customer is different. There is something for every client. Your customer will get a choice of double or triple glazing, which can enhance the thermal efficiency and security of your customer’s property. With a wide range of configurations, your customer has the choice of how many panes they want on their door or choosing internal blinds for more shading.

If your customer is concerned about the door’s impact on the environment, then our doors are thermally efficient. All our doors are certified for the warm temperature category, while the special foams on the frame and sash will give you outstanding thermal efficiency. Your customer will experience exceptionally low U Values of 0.66 W/ M2K, so their home will stay warm all year round. As a result, the windows will be a more sustainable option in the future, resulting in a greener planet.

As well as being a natural insulator of heat, you can inform your customer that the doors are a strong insulator of sound. They can choose from double or triple glazing, which will block out any outside noise, reducing them to a whisper.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the benefits of our Ezofold aluminium bifold doors for your customer’s property. The 6 day lead time ensures a quick and efficient installation that will result in minimal disruption to your client’s daily life. For more information, start an online quote or contact us today.  

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