Here at UK Superfold, we supply a wide range of aluminium bifold doors for your property. Aluminium bifold doors offer many advantages for your residential space or office. There are many ways that an aluminium bifold door is thermally efficient. Read on to find out if they are, and if they are the right choice for you.

Bifold doors can be thermally efficient because most modern bifold doors have a robust thermal break that keeps natural heat inside while cold air is trapped outside. The thermal break is included in the door as standard, and coupled with the advanced double glazing, will keep you and your loved ones warmer for longer, saving you plenty of money on your energy bills. The thermal break is included as standard, meaning you can feel confident that heat will stay inside for a long time.

In comparison to uPVC or timber, an aluminium bifold door is much stronger as a result. This is, in part, because it lets in more natural light thanks to its slim sightlines and thinner frames. In addition to this, you can also benefit from the fact that aluminium bifold doors have low U values too. U values are a formula which measures the rate of heat transmission and is measured in Watts. If the value is low, it is very energy efficient. This is ideal because it will help reduce your carbon footprint and be much safer for the environment.

Not only that but aluminium doors are regularly tested to be weather resistant as well. That way, they are watertight and protected from a whole host of weather conditions. An ageing door that is poorly insulated will let cold air and even some raindrops seep into your home, which will cost you money as you fork out on repairs. Not only that but if you have a back door that lets cold air in, the space becomes unwelcoming and uninviting. However, an aluminium bifold door will help increase your thermal efficiency because they resist any water that seeps inside. They will also stand firm against blustery and windy conditions.

Another reason why aluminium doors are thermally efficient and good for the environment is that they are highly recyclable. This will help the environment because it can be reused at the end of its lifespan. Because the material is resistant to moisture and salt spray, it is durable against cold air coming through. That way, you and your family can stay warmer for much longer.

When it comes to making a door warmer, glazing can make all the difference. At UK Superfold, we understand how important it is for your aluminium bifold door. This is because when you choose double or triple glazing, you can go for energy-efficient glass that has low U values. This means that less energy will be kept at a reasonable temperature, meaning your energy bills will be cheaper and you can spend money on the things that matter to you.

The most common type of glazing for your bifold doors is double glazing because it comes as standard. Double glazing has a multitude of benefits for your home, which include letting in more natural light and trapping natural heat. This is done by the inclusion of two panes of glass which provides added insulation and enhances the thermal efficiency of your residential or commercial space.   

You can also benefit from triple glazing which will help your insulation even further. This is because triple glazing has three panes of glass instead of two. This results in a very high performance and even though it might cost more, you can reduce cold air coming through and external noise. Triple glazing is also ideal when it comes to saving energy, especially on aluminium bifold doors because they provide the strongest support for them. They are big, sturdy, and resilient, and can trap warm heat inside. But that’s not all, because in the summer months, cool air can be kept in too. That way, you will get the best of both worlds.

As you can see from this article, aluminium bifold doors are very thermally efficient for your home. They can support both double and triple glazing and keep warm air inside your space.

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